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Grassroots Badminton

The vision for the development of grassroots badminton in Hampshire


Hampshire Badminton 2020-21


“To develop a successful series of ‘grassroots’ junior badminton events for non-county level players in Hampshire”.


Hampshire has long been a hotbed of talent over the years and has produced many a national and international badminton player. What do all of these individuals have in common? That’s right, they all had to start somewhere! Every single one of them picked up a racket for the first time sometime in their childhood and learned how to play the game in much the same way as children do nowadays.

Hampshire has an incredible wealth of talent of coaches of all levels and it is vital that we ensure the numbers of children taking up the sport continues to increase. Not everybody dreams of winning the Olympic title or the All England Open. The majority of badminton players simply enjoy the physical, emotional  and social benefits that playing this great game has on their wellbeing. And who are we to argue?!

So, with this in mind, Hampshire Badminton Association is currently looking at ways in which we can increase the numbers of children picking up a racket for the first time. Whether this is at school, or through a local club, or indeed – both. Work has already begun on increasing the numbers of schools, particularly in East Hampshire, receiving the delivery of the Badminton England Racket Pack programme. Much work has also been done to ensure that all School Sports Partnerships (SSPs) throughout the county offer level 1 (within school) and level 2 (district) opportunities to compete at key stages 2, 3 and 4. Hampshire Badminton also provides the venue and the organisation for the level 3 (county) round of both the KS2, 3 and 4 which, over the past two years, has seen an enormous surge in competing schools.

Much more work needs to go on in order to maximise the number of children taking up the sport. Two years ago, Hampshire Badminton launched its new ‘Satellite Club’ programme – a system of creating clubs with a high level of coaching across areas of the county previously lacking in such provision. Since then, a new junior badminton club at Alton leisure centre has begun (although currently on hold due to COVID-19), and the already existing Havant Hornets junior badminton club has been able to continue its excellent work with our help. More recently, Perins School in Alresford has been the venue for the launch of a brand new after-school club which is seeing its numbers increasing on a weekly basis!

Please continue to support us in allowing more and more children (and adults!) take up this wonderful sport that is Badminton.

Thank you.