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Hampshire Schools’ Badminton

Badminton is a very popular sport in Hampshire’s schools with children of all ages enjoying the benefits badminton can bring. Schools can deliver badminton through the PE curricular without committing to the financial burden some sports require. Resource packs such as Racket Pack can be purchased by both primary and secondary schools and many key concepts of the new National Curriculum can be covered through the delivery of badminton. Badminton England offers FREE Racket Pack membership for schools, with online resources to get you started.

Many schools also offer badminton as an extra-curricular sport with many 15/16 year olds opting to take badminton as part of their GCSE PE practical.

Hampshire Schools Key Stage 2 Championships 2020

Competitive badminton is thriving in Hampshire at present. Level 1 competition (such as inter-house tournaments within schools) are easy to organise and deliver. Level 2 competition between different schools within a district are aimed at identifying those schools who are particularly successful in the delivery and organisation of badminton. Level 3 competitions see schools competing at a county level at both KS2, KS3 and KS4 ages ranges.

Hampshire Badminton coordinates the delivery of the level 3 events each year and Westgate Badminton Centre has hosted the Hampshire Schools KS3/4 event for the past few years.

Working in partnership with Energise Me, Hampshire Badminton contributes regularly to the Hampshire Schools Games and the provision of Level 3 delivery.


Contact Richard Peters (Hampshire Badminton Development Manager) at centre.manager@hantsbadminton.net for more information.



KS2 Medal Presentation 2019


KS4 Girls Competition 2020


Westgate BC hosts the KS3/4 Hampshire Schools Championships