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Hampshire Badminton Association Governance 

Members of the Management Committee

PRESIDENT: Mrs Diana Troke (Director)

CHAIRMAN: Mr Trevor Darlington (Director)

HONORARY SECRETARY: Mr Paul Jackson (Director)

HONORARY TREASURER: Mr Steve Harvey (Director)


HONORARY MATCH SECRETARY (Masters): Mr Peter Thomas (temporary replacement for Mrs Linda Coombes)

HONORARY COACHING SECRETARY: Mark Peckham (un-elected)

PLAYER REPRESENTATIVES: Mr Mark Newbery and Mr Oliver Baczala

MASTERS: Mrs Margaret Houlton


All officers are appointed annually at the annual general meeting by ordinary resolution. A retiring officer shall be eligible to stand for reappointment if he/she wishes to do so. The Management Committee may, if it thinks fit, allocate specific tasks and responsibilities to any member of the Management Committee and may vary or end those at any time.

The Management Committee may invite any person to attend any of its meetings in an advisory or observer capacity. Any person so invited shall speak on matters as invited to do so by the chairman of the meeting and shall, if the chairman requests, withdraw from ant part of the meeting as so requested.

Each member of the Management Committee shall comply with his/her obligations to disclose his/her interests.

Members of the Sub-Committees

MASTERS SUB-COMMITTEE: Mrs Margaret Houlton (treasurer), Mr Peter Thomas (fixtures secretary), Mrs Linda Coombes and Mr Horace Mitchell

JUNIOR ASSOCIATION SUB-COMMITTEE: Mrs Cristina Mitchell (chairman), Mr Mark Peckham, Mr Trevor Darlington, Mr Darren Saunders and Mr Paul Fonseca

TOURNAMENT SUB-COMMITTEE: Mr Eric Richardson and Mrs Helen Richardson

FINANCE SUB-COMMITTEE: Mr Steve Harvey (chairman), Mrs Diana Troke and Mr Trevor Darlington


Every member of the Management Committee of Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd or other officer or auditor of the ‘Company’ shall be indemnified out of the assets of the ‘Company’ against all losses or liabilities which he/she may sustain or incur in or about the execution of the duties of his/her office.

For full details or to request a copy of the Articles of Association for Hampshire Badminton Association Limited, please contact Mr Paul Jackson, email secretary@hantsbadminton.net

AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 2017

AGM Minutes 2018

AGM Minutes 2019