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New Hampshire Seniors Singles Ladder!


One of my jobs as Senior Team Manager is to attempt to produce a team to win the English Senior County Championship (SCC).  We have finished in 2nd place on two occasions in recent years.

At the present time, each county match consists of 11 games, three men’s singles, two ladies’

Ben Muir – Mens’ Singles

singles, two men’s doubles,  two ladies’ doubles and two mixed doubles.

So a potential five points out of 11 comes from singles.  Due to the schedule of matches played, singles wins become an important start to each match.

The new Hampshire Singles Ladder will help Hampshire become more prepared and will help to add more value to the need to win singles matches at this level. The Singles Ladder directly helps the  development of singles for our teams.

Hiltingbury Sports Hall    19.00 – 21.00 run by Mark Peckham

At the end of each month we have promotion and relegation – one player moves up and one player moves down.

Rules are simple – two sets of 21 points (no setting). The player with the most points over the two sets wins and you move a position above your opponent. Players can challenge up to three places ahead. A ‘no show’ at an event means you go down three places!

This is a unisex format so anyone can play.

We are currently restricted to 15 players but the more players that are interested will allow us to arrange more sessions.

Mark Peckham
Hampshire Junior and Senior Head Coach